“Begin with the end in mind”

– Franklin Covey –

In My Career

I begin with the end in mind when embarking on any creative endeavor. By never losing sight of what the ultimate vision is, I have had great success satisfying all stakeholders. Experience has taught me to place a high value on the intended audience making certain I fully understand what moves them, what evokes their emotion and what ultimately inspires them to act. Whether I am functioning from the production side or managing a team, the approach, goal and tactics have remained the same.

Success Profile

I am committed to core values that lead to success, including: effort, integrity, ethics, accountability, knowledge, self-sufficiency, and clear communication. I am a team player and leader with success in managing both direct reports and ad-hoc teams to close business and achieve goals.

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Creative Expertise In

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • After Effects
  • InDesign
  • WordPress
  • HTML & CSS
  • Media Encoder

Skills & Acumen

Account Management / 92%
Project Management / 92%
Website Design / 88%
Graphic Design / 88%
Video Production / 87%
Creative Services Experience / 94%
BD/Sales / 90%